Plant Materials YellowPages Available For Habitat Restoration

Order now, while the best available plants are still available

Hello Colleagues, Partners, and Restoration Enthusiasts,

Thanks to a the support of Rocky Mountain Flycasters, the Colorado Water Conservation Board, and dozens of funders and network partners, the Southern Rockies Seed Network has released its first Plant Materials YellowPages (YellowPages).

Follow this link for a full description of the purpose of the YellowPages: Yellow Pages

A sortable spreadsheet of ecotypic plants, by vendor and source location, is available here: Ecotype List

The YellowPages includes a list of vendors carrying ecotypic (i.e., locally adapted) native plants for flood-recovery, in the form of seed and container stock, as well as a comprehensive list of seed vendors and nurseries who sell native plants for Colorado.

While the species available in the YellowPages includes ecotypes from across the state, we ask that those ecotypes sourced in Larimer, Weld, Boulder, and Clear Creek counties be prioritized for flood recovery. Colorado State Forest Service Nursery is prioritizing ecotypic plant materials for those entities, individuals, and organizations doing restoration work in an area impacted by the 2013 floods. Let them know if you are working in a flood-impacted site, and they will gladly ensure you receive ecotypic plant materials (as availability lasts) for your work.

Reserve Plants Today!

Please contact vendors directly to order plants. As supplies are limited, the earlier you "reserve" your plants the more likely you will be to acquire what you need.